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FHL Historical awards: All time and by season.

Created by NorwegianOiler on 2015-04-12 08:58:10

The FHL has neglected its team awards during its first seasons. This is a list of the past winners.

I will add to the list as we decide on awards.


An all-time standings post will follow, but here are some all-time FHL records: 

Most Norack cups: Heatwave/Vikings tie (2 each)

Most playoff trophies: Vikings (2)

Best overall point total(season): Vikings (1688.28pts) - runner up Heatwave (1637pts)

Best forward production (season): Militia (1183pts) - runner up Vikings (1079pts) 

Best defensive production (season): Spartans (481pts) - runner up: Bulldogs (480pts)

Best goaltending production (season): Vikings (234pts) - runner up: Gladiators (216pts)

Most gritty season: Heatwave (385pts) - Runner up: Rhinos (370pts)

Best even-strength season: Rattleheads (165pts) - runner up: Bombers (162pts)




Inaugural season 2011-12

Norack Cup winner: Heatwave (Runner up: Rhinos)

Playoff winner: N/A

Top netminder tandem: Rhinos - Quick/Emery 202pts (Runner up: Tigers - Lundqvist/Varlamov 182pts)

Best defensive team: Heatwave 434 pts (Runner up: Rattleheads 408pts)

Best offensive team: Heatwave 1071pts (Runner up: Burninators 1002pts)

Best even strength: N/A

Most gritty team (most hits/blocks combined): N/A


Second season (Lockout) 2012-13

Norack Cup winner: Heatwave (Runner up: Rhinos)

Playoff winner (unofficial): Heatwave (Runner up: Rhinos)

Top netminder tandem: Heatwave - Howard/Niemi 171pts (Runner up: Rebels - Holtby/Bobrovsky 150pts)

Best defensive team: Vikings 279pts (Runner up: Heatwave 275pts)

Best offensive team: Rhinos 675pts (Runner up: Heatwave 611pts)

Best even strength: Vikings 102pts (Runner up: Rhinos 98pts)

Most gritty team (most hits/blocks combined): Heatwave 251pts (Runner up: Vikings 233pts)


Third season 2013-14

Norack Cup winner: Vikings (Runner up: Mustangs)

Playoff winner: Vikings (Runner up: Gladiators)

Top netminder tandem: Gladiators - Varlamov/Luongo 216pts (Runner up: Raiders - Rask/Allen 179pts)

Best defensive team: Gladiators 460pts (Runner up: Mustangs 426pts)

Best offensive team: Vikings 1028pts (Runner up: Bulldogs 966pts)

Best even strength: Vikings 156,5pts (Runner up: Mustangs 156pts)

Most gritty team (most hits/blocks combined): Heatwave 385pts (Runner up: Rhinos 370pts)


Fourth season 2014-15

Norack Cup winner: Vikings (Runner up: Militia)

Playoff winner: Vikings (Runner up: Heatwave)

Top netminder tandem: Vikings - Holtby (Kuemper)/Schneider 234pts (Runner up: Mustangs - Bishop/Pavelec 202pts)

Best defensive team: Spartans 481pts (Runner up: Bulldogs 480pts)

Best offensive team: Militia 1183pts (Runner up: Vikings 1079pts)

Best even strength: Rattleheads 165pts (Runner up: Bombers 162pts)

Most gritty team (most hits/blocks combined): Vikings 283pts (Runner up: Bulldogs 282pts)

FHL Playoffs Final (March 30th to April 11th) VIKINGS WIN!

Created by NorwegianOiler on 2015-03-23 08:15:19 (updated by NorwegianOiler on 2015-04-12 01:19:03)

The semi finals bore no upsets, but rather saw the two most winning franchises of the FHL proceed to the playoff final. The Mustangs never looked to put up a fight, despite the fine form that had carried them into the position to challenge the Heatwave. The Gladiators did not succumb to as heavy a loss, but nevertheless fell clearly short of staging a comeback during the weekend action. So, to the GMs of the FHL, the final will be a most repugnant, repulsive, and abhorrent battle of the titans. 


 POST-SEASON EDIT: The Vikings have won the 2014-15 playoffs!

Vikings Logo versus Heatwave Logo

                   (94,09)                                               (93.07)


To illustrate how closely matched this heavyweight tilt is, the FHL gazette calculated the total points for each franchise throughout all the three-and-a-half seasons played so far. The difference is 13,55 points. Over the next two weeks the second (official) FHL playoffs will be concluded and a winner crowned. I expect the score differential to be less than 13 points.

For the Vikings to win, this will have to be a team effort, as it has been all season. They rely on scoring across the board from a wealth of good-but-not-great forwards. A playoff team led by the likes of Bergeron, Parise, and Hossa has the capacity to win. The Heatwave's arsenal of star power packs a bigger punch. Seguin and Stamkos have outscored any Vikings skater. 

Goaltending could easily become the deciding factor here, both teams icing quality netminders. Should Detroit and San José put up a string of good games, it will be hard to resist the Heatwave. Holtby and Schneider have provided stellar seasons for the Vikings (and Arcadians, partly), but it will likely come down to single game performances to unbalance the scales. 


FHL Playoffs Round Two: (March 16th - 22nd) Winners in Bold!

Created by NorwegianOiler on 2015-03-16 08:41:05 (updated by NorwegianOiler on 2015-03-23 00:08:57)

The first round of the FHL was one of ebbs and flows. This was particularly highlighted by the Bombers-Tigers series, which ended in a strong win by Racki's side. Moreover, the Raiders put on a clinic to match the Vikings to the very end, but ultimately fell .3 fhlpts short of an upset. Favorites Milita struggled migthily too, but prevailed against their equally slumping opponents the Stingers. Another close matchup saw favorites Bulldogs eliminate an admirably strong Megasus team. The lower ranked Lakers delivered the third best week in the FHL and as such ousted this season's fourth overall side the Chiefs. After suffering a defeat against better ranked Heatwave last season the Rhinos looked to enjoy better odds against the underachieving Gladiators in round one, but it was not to be as the Gladiators lived up to the media-predictions and came out victorious. One that paid no attention to the media was the Heatwave who made short work of the Serpents in what turned out to be one of the more lopsided matchups of round one. Finally was last year's powerhouse the Mustangs who took down its better ranked opponents, the Rattleheads. The latter had a strong week, but it was not enough as the Mustangs served up a weekly best 64.14 fhlpoints. The clandestinely run FHL Gazette thus hit a cool six of eight prediciton success rate in the first round. Only the Heatwave and Lakers proved the gazette's clairvoyance wrong. Three of eight lower ranked teams came out on top, which at least partially shows that the top teams cannot be too confident in the playoffs. A few of the better ranked teams made it through by the skin of their teeth and were thus always in danger of losing out. What may the second round hold?

So, the second round matchups are as follows: 


Vikings Logoversus Lakers Logo

         (69.25)                      (53.78)

While the Vikings scraped a win against the bottom ranked playoff team, the Lakers overcame a side that performed just about as strongly as the Vikings last week. Can the underdogs take another scalp, or will the skrælingjar face bloody defeat? Media prediciton: Cinderella Lakers.


Team Logoversus Gladiators Logo

      (58.97)                         (61.15)!


The Milita sneaked into the second round not on merit but merely because the Stingers couldn't muster significant opposition. In fact, Jfrizzio's side was the worst team to advance to the second round. They are not to be counted out, however, as their roster carries firepower that far outguns the Gladiators. What counts in the postseason is performance and the Gladiators had it in round one. Media prediction: Sparking Militia



Bulldogs Logoversus Team Logo

        (48.71)                        (60.68)


Two teams that impressed in round one should match up well against each other in this second round series. The Bulldogs are the stronger team and over the course of the year the Mustangs have shown inconsistent play. Maybe it's time for Sid to awaken and Jagr to invigorate this post-season hunt too? Media prediction: Unlikely Mustangs. 



Heatwave Logoversus Bombers Logo

       (64.48)                         (52.26)


The Bombers took advantage of an injury-riddled Tigers side but showed some ability on their own as well. Key players Hudler, Carter, and Crawford performed and tipped the scales. On Ktown's end, there was little opposition in the Serpents, but something more is expected from Racki's roster. Are Stamkos and Seguin going to be the flak that downs the Bombers? Media prediction: Jinxing Heatwave


FHL Playoffs Round one (March 8th - 15th) Final Results!

Created by NorwegianOiler on 2015-03-10 00:13:56 (updated by NorwegianOiler on 2015-03-16 00:13:09)



Vikings Logo versus  Raiders Logo

         (58.78)                 -                (58.48)


Team Logo versus Stingers Logo

        (51.98)               -           (45.98)



Bulldogs Logoversus  Megasus Logo

         (59.98)             -             (57.95)



 Team Logoversus Lakers Logo

            (57.70)             -             (61.72)



Rhinos Logo   versus   Gladiators Logo

         (50.00                  -                    (58.18)



Heatwave Logo  versus Serpents Logo

        (63.80)                 -                   (54.80)



 Team Logoversus Team Logo

          (58.17                   -                  (64.14)



  Bombers LogoversusTigers Logo 

          (54.58)                 -                (53.20)



2014-15 FHL Playoffs intro! Round One (March 8th to 15th)

Created by NorwegianOiler on 2015-03-09 00:01:26 (updated by NorwegianOiler on 2015-03-10 00:10:15)

The time is here, the FHL playoffs are on! A few teams that featured last season have dropped out of the top sixteen. The former Rebels, now Arcadians, have suffered from neglect and injury in a miserable campaign and thus find themselves well out of the playoff picture. After a solid first campaign in 2011-12, the Burninators have struggled to repeat their success. Nonetheless, they got into the post-season last year and even got past the Rebels to the second round. In 2014-15, Trogdor's side is on the outside looking in.

Who has what it takes?

The top ranked Vikings take on the dark horse Raiders in the first round. The Raiders' bid for an upset hinges largely on potential matchwinners like Bobby Ryan and Tuukka Rask, and nothing's a foregone conclusion in the post season.  Injuries hamper the Vikings, having lost Erik Johnson, Sami Vatanen and others to lengthy injuries. If the Vikings get rolling, however, it could prove an insurmountable task to overcome for the underdog. Media prediction: Former champions Vikings.

Last year, the Milita was 15th and faced the 2nd best side in the FHL in round one, the Mustangs. This time around, the Milita is the second seeded team in the playoffs, a quite remarkable turnaround. The Stingers haven't yet found their stride and must find points from every player in order to overcome their opponents. Can Claude Giroux put them over the top? This is perhaps the most lopsided matchup despite the Militia's recent (relative) drop-off in production. Media prediction:Powerhouse Militia.

The ever-so-strong Bulldogs made it to the semi-finals of last year's playoffs only to lose to the eventual champions from Norway. Now they face the struggling Megasus who've put up a selection of poor performances the past few weeks. Nevertheless, they finished above the Bulldogs in the weekly standings merely two weeks ago. Media prediction: Strong Bulldogs.

Serpents' GM MG10 stated he was very much looking forward to a potential repeat of last season's matchup against the Heatwave, and his wish was granted. In past surveys, many FHL GMs have stated both admiration and envy of the Heatwave's strength, but one may wonder if they've hit their expiration date given that they have dropped in the standings. Now that injured Tyler Seguin has returned they must be respected. MG10 commands a group of talented players, but they must all play to their potential to stand a chance. Media prediction: Underrated Serpents

The Chiefs just missed the post-season cutoff last year, but have bounced back with vigor into a strong fourth place. Armed with a good mix of young and old, established and up-and-comers, the Chiefs could make a serious bid for the playoff title this year. Netminder Pekka Rinne can steal any series if the Predators bring the defensive support they are capable of. The Lakers lost in round one last year, but could have gone through if it hadn't been for a very strong Rhinos team. The Lakers rely on emerging starter Michael Hutchinson in net and draw upon the likes of Tyler Johnson, Pavel Datsyuk, and Jordan Eberle for firepower. Media prediction: Rebounding Chiefs.

The Rhinos sit at 3rd in the FHL all-time points standings. Always a competitive side, it took the Heatwave to eliminate them from the playoffs last season. This year, they start off against reigning finalists the Gladiators. The Glads have not enjoyed the present season nearly as much as the last, but are still capable of putting up strong numbers on a weekly basis. Indeed, the Gladiators are fourth in all time points and cannot be ruled out just yet. Media prediction: Long shot Gladiators.

One of last season's strongest contenders, the Mustangs, take on a group of much-improved Rattleheads in a very tight matchup. It It should be an open contest with both sides fully capable of silencing the opposition. The Rattleheads' surge into the top eight is a testimony to their overall strength. Only a quality week from the Mustangs can assure a place in the second round. Media prediction: Never-say-die Mustangs.

Saevel has managed to resurrect his team after a disappointing campaign in 2013-14, but lack both his starting netminders coming into the series against the Bombers. Can Jamie Benn and company overcome playing with an empty net for the duration of the week? The Bombers have something to prove. Media prediction: Empty-netting Bombers.




Vikings Logo versus  Raiders Logo

              ()                 -                ()


Team Logo versus Stingers Logo

              ()                     -                ()



Bulldogs Logoversus  Megasus Logo

            ()                     -                ()



 Team Logoversus Lakers Logo

              ()                 -                ()



Rhinos Logo   versus   Gladiators Logo

              ()                 -                ()



Heatwave Logo  versus Serpents Logo

              ()                 -                ()



 Team Logoversus Team Logo

              ()                 -                ()



  Bombers LogoversusTigers Logo 

              ()                 -                ()



FHL Gazette: Trade dead(quiet)line day? Edited with latest trades...

Created by NorwegianOiler on 2015-03-02 13:04:23 (updated by NorwegianOiler on 2015-03-03 12:30:41)

FHL Gazette: Und jetzt ist es still.

Apart from a few moves leading up to the deadline day, the FHL has remained devoid of movement on the big day itself. The activity has been restricted to putting players on the trade block, though there is still time to make some ripples in these waters.

An interesting move was made between the Bombers and Rhinos, in which the latter secured the services of Erik Cole and Robyn Regehr, whilst Racki's team added Brent Seabrook and Joel Ward. At first glance it was a trade that appeared lopsided in favor of the Bombers, but considering cap numbers and FHL production it appears more balanced. A modest goalie switch saw Justin Peters join the Heatwave whereas Lundquist's bench warmer Cam Talbot moved to the Lakers. Its purpose may be debated, but it seems likely that Haboiler and Ktown disagree on who is more injury prone: Party King Henke or Hairy Holty.

Though unrelated to the deadline, the last significant moves before the above were all Vikings trades - sending away players like Jay Harrison and Taylor Beck to the Serpents for David Savard and Jay Beagle. A separate move allowed the Arcadians to add Alex Edler, Darcy Kuemper, and checker Craig Cunningham as the Vikings gained Marian Hossa (for a second stint), Braden Holtby, and Shark Marc-Edouard Vlasic.

NEXT UP: The playoff cutoff on Sunday March 8th. Top 16 teams face off against each other for the (lesser) glory of the FHL playoff trophy. The main prize remains the FHL Norack trophy, but several teams anticipate thrilling matchups against former and new rivals.


NOTE: The (actual) FHL trade deadline does not end until 23:59 MST - given that we have no obligation to any players' lives and Racki always has the time to process some moves because he lives merely to serve our league.



*** The Arcadians have sent Nick Bonino to the Vikings for Andrew Shaw.

*** The Thunder acquire Joe Morrow and a 2015 second round pick for Dylan McIlrath who goes to the Rhinos.

*** The Spartans trade Pierre-Edouard Bellemare to the Rhinos for duo Martin Marincin and Iro Pakarinen.

That concludes an unspectacular FHL trade deadline. It appears GMs need to soften their offers and realize that a package of shit won't provide a golden return. Probably.

Good luck in the final week before the playoffs, gentlemen!