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2016-17 FHL playoffs FINAL Matchup

Created by NorwegianOiler on 2017-03-27 12:00:08 (updated by NorwegianOiler on 2017-04-10 01:46:32)

This post will be reserved for the daily update of the playoff matchups - though somewhat later than the automatic update on the standings page.

The finalists in this year's playoffs are the Arcadians and Thunder! Whatever the outcome, a new FHL playoff champion will be crowned after these final two weeks of action. 







(140.45)                 -                (103.88)





2016-17 FHL playoffs: SEMI FINAL Matchups

Created by NorwegianOiler on 2017-03-20 01:13:37 (updated by NorwegianOiler on 2017-03-28 10:17:10)


This post will be reserved for the daily update of the playoff matchups - though somewhat later than the automatic update on the standings page.

The semi final matchups are as follows:


 versus Gladiators Logo

(69.40)                 -                (54.55)




versus Megasus Logo

(63.18)                 -                (48.72)



2016-17 FHL playoffs: ROUND 2 Matchups

Created by NorwegianOiler on 2017-03-13 01:58:46 (updated by NorwegianOiler on 2017-03-20 01:11:39)


This post will be reserved for the daily update of the playoff matchups - though somewhat later than the automatic update on the standings page.

The second round matchups are as follows:


Vikings Logo versus Gladiators Logo

(66.63                -                (69.43)


 versus Bulldogs Logo

(77.23)               -              (59.93)



Militia Logoversus Megasus Logo

(57.88                -                (64.03)



 versus Heatwave Logo

(69.63)                 -                (67.53)


2016-17 FHL playoffs: ROUND 1 Matchups

Created by NorwegianOiler on 2017-03-06 09:33:09 (updated by NorwegianOiler on 2017-03-13 01:57:25)

It is here again. Playoff time!

The FHL deadline wasn't a flurry of activity, but a noteworthy deal between the Arcadians and Mustangs promoted the marriage of "win now" and "win later". Mcsorley's acquisition of Artemi Panarin should boost his chances to land either the Norack Cup, the playoff trophy, or both; whereas the Mustangs bolstered their rebuild with a top prospect in Puljujärvi and a 1st rounder.  We're coming into our fourth official playoff campaign. After two consecutive Norack Cups and playoff trophies the Vikings were ousted in the first round last season by the surging Dragons. The Milita went on to win the playoffs, bringing the total unique FHL playoff winners to three, alongside the Heatwave and Vikings. Perhaps we will see another team added to that list this spring?

Good luck, everyone.

This post will be reserved for the daily update of the playoff matchups - though somewhat later than the automatic update on the standings page. The first round matchups are as follows: 




Vikings Logo versus 

(59.38                -                (36.20)



(67.48)                 -               (47.80)



Militia Logoversus Rhinos Logo

(71.20)                 -                (36.45)



 versus Gladiators Logo

(37.00)                -                (51.87)



 versusBulldogs Logo 

(50.45)                 -                (57.88)



 versus Bombers Logo

(56.29                -                (55.98)



 versus Megasus Logo

(42.95)                 -                (60.35)



  Heatwave Logoversus 

 (60.72                -                (53.43)



FHL News: Playoff cutoff date (and playoff schedule)

Created by NorwegianOiler on 2017-02-26 13:40:28

Playoff cutoff date for the 2016-17 FHL plaoyffs will be Sunday March 5th.

The first round of the FHL playoffs will be held between March 6th and March 12th. 

The second round of the FHL playoffs will be held between March 13th and March 19th. 

The semi finals of the FHL playoffs will be held between March 20th and March 26th. 

The FHL playoff final will be fought out in the final two weeks of the NHL regular season, from March 27th to April 9th. 



The FHL Gazette: A portion of the same old and a dose of the unfamiliar. 

The FHL season has come into its final few months with the Vikings and Milita (somewhat) predictably holding their own in the top. Though only having allowed the Milita to own top spot for two days (one of which happened to be GM jfrizzio's birthday) in the past three months, the Vikings have yet to fully pull away in the title race. The Milita are poised to make a run for their first ever Norack Cup partly on the strength of their Blue Jacket contingent who are really firing this year. The top two are accompanied, however, by dark horse Arcadians. They finished a lowly 19th in GM mcsorley's first season in charge, but through some Lazarus-like ascension they've put themselves in position to fight for the title already! No matter how the season ends for them, the Arcadians have enjoyed a successful campaign, and their GM a clear candidate for GM of the year, too.

Following behind the top three are other climbers like the Devils and Stingers, both having solid seasons so far, as well as the quietly improving Chiefs, Thunder and Raiders. Former powerhouse Heatwave keep on falling and whilst Ktown withers away his rivals rejoice at the silence following in the wake of the sinking franchise. Where are you, Ktown? Former top five sides like the Gladiators and Bulldogs have taken similar falls.

The Rhinos and Bombers are also doing somewhat worse than last season, goaltending being a problem area for both of these original FHL franchises.

The Spartans, Serpents and Lakers are taking a step out of the absolute bottom, building slowly to bring about a sustainable change in the standings' scenery for them. But, as the Arcadians have shown, change can come about quickly for teams in their position as well! Dropping in place of these slow risers are teams like the Burninators and Mustangs, both having seasons to forget.

After a greatly impressive improvement year, the Dragons have regressed and currently reside in the bottom two, together with the Rattleheads, who have slumped into the very bottom for the first time ever. 

The FHL is clearly dynamic, as new teams rise and others step back, but through all the change one fact remains; the Viking Age has yet to end!


FHL News: Our future

Created by NorwegianOiler on 2017-01-10 14:13:43 (updated by NorwegianOiler on 2017-01-10 14:17:45)

Dear General Mongrels of the Foil Hockey League, 

Refer to our forum for the long version of this post and for the chance to comment. The abridged version follows. 



The following are ideas, merely, that could be part of the future of the FHL (though Racki's tightly harnessed to the grinding wheel thus leaving us but to dream) 

1) A matchup based league where two teams face off each week. 

- Hypothetical results below. 


2) An expansion to 24 teams (for various purposes, inter alia dispersion of talent and the schedule logic in a matchup based league) 

- Nothing concrete is planned. Basically it would be allowing expansion teams to pick from everyone in the inactive (but not passive) roster - and enough talent would be available to produce some decent teams.


3) Restructuring the roster system into a 23 man NHL roster (all counting towards the cap) where only 20 players "score points" each week. A 7 man AHL roster (inactive players today, subject to waivers if sent here from the NHL roster) and a 5 man JUNIOR roster of prospects (today's passive roster) 


4) Possibly allowing for additional roster spots for own draft picks (to allow more long term prospect development at the cost of FA pickups - thus boosting the value of draft picks) 


5) Stricter rules for picking up and dropping players without contracts/NHL games (such as your Anton Rödin type this season) 


6) The line-based system suggested earlier - allowing GMs to "coach" their teams by setting forward lines, defensive pairs, and starting/backup netminders to point multipliers, thus allowing us to speculate on hot streaks and such. 



Here's what a matchup based FHL would look based on this year's scoring: 



And finally, the standings post week 13 of a total of what would be 21 regular season weeks...